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Teaching women no-diet nutrition and how to create personalized systems for a whole-person approach to health & healthy weight loss.
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Hi! I’m Heather Bennett

If you’re here because you’re sick of diet culture setting you up for failure, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you find health and weight loss with a healthier and long term approach.

No matter where you are right now

and what your life looks like, I want you to know that a happy and stress-free relationship with food, your health, and our body is closer than you think. 

client testimonials

“I have worked with Heather for a number of years both one-on-one and group coaching; in person as well as online. She has lots of experience coaching, is friendly, supportive and is willing to answer your questions. Helping others reach their health and fitness goals is important to Heather and she will work with you no matter your fitness level. She will encourage you every step of the way.”

-Eva M.

“Heather is such an all around passionate person. Through her coaching I’ve grown and developed a better vision for fitness and a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy being part of her group because she connects with her people on their level. I HIGHLY recommend her to my lady friends and family who are looking for direction or guidance in becoming a better and healthier version of themselves. She’s awesome!”

Crystal C.

“Heather is a wonderful coach! She truly cares about your goals and concerns and it shows. She is very quick to respond to any questions, and offers valuable advice each step of the way.”


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