I covered fitness gift basket ideas briefly in another blog post, but I have so many more ideas to share with you that I wanted to expand on this topic. I’ve loved fitness since I was a teenager. Intentional movement has always been part of my life and over the years I’ve both received and given a lot of really helpful gifts.

Nothing says “I care about you” like a gift basket filled with goodies specifically tailored to their fitness journey and getting someone something that you know they’ll enjoy. Whether you’re shopping for a gym rat or a yoga enthusiast, I’ve got some great ideas to help you put together the perfect fitness gift basket. Trust me, it will be a huge hit!

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The Ultimate Fitness Gift Basket Ideas: The Gym Bag Basket

This is my favorite way to give fitness goodies! Find the perfect gym bag for your friend or family member and use it as the gift ‘basket’! Fill it with everything they need for a trip to the gym, plus some extra goodies if you want to! Everyone loves to receive a good bag as a gift, you can never have too many! Here’s what you need to build this basket (remember you can add or omit any items and, of course, use an actual basket if you want, these are just ideas):

A quality gym bag:

First things first, start with a good quality gym bag. Look for one that is spacious enough to hold all the essentials, ideally with separate compartments for shoes (not a rule), clothes, and water bottle. A durable and stylish gym bag will not only keep things belongings organized but will also make your gift recipient feel confident and ready to tackle any workout.

Waterproof Duffle Bag with Shoes Compartment & Wet Pocket

gym bag: fitness gift basket ideas

I love that this bag has both a shoe compartment and a pocket for your gross, sweaty clothes post workout! It has plenty of storage space inside for all the other essentials too and it comes in five different colors. This is a great bag for a regular day at the gym, but it also makes the perfect travel gym bag for those who have to work out on the road while traveling for work or even vacation!

Adidas Unisex Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag

adidas duffle bag gym bag

This bag is spacious and comes in 29 different colors! It doesn’t have a dedicated shoe compartment or wet pocket, but it does have two zipper pockets on each end that can be used for those things. This is a great bag to serve multiple purposes too! Many people in the reviews said that they use it as a carry-on or weekend travel bag. Who wouldn’t love a multipurpose gym bag?

Yoga Tote Bag

yoga tote bag

This tote bag can easily be taken from everyday use to a trip to the yoga studio or the gym. It has a strap and buckle on top to secure a yoga mat and plenty of space inside for other yoga accessories or items that someone with an active lifestyle might need. This is great for regular gym rats too, not just yogis. The buckle could be used for items like foam rollers or a towel too! This bag comes in medium and large and three different colors. It’s a great option for fitness lovers who don’t like the look of a regular gym bag.

Chic Gym Tote

chic tote bag

If you have a friend or family member who always looks chic and stylish, even when they go to the gym, this bag is the perfect gift! The look is amazing and it’s functional! It has a wet pocket and shoe compartment and it’s waterproof and easy to clean! It comes in five different colors and can easily carry a yoga mat between the carry straps.

Gym Backpack

gym backpack: fitness gift basket ideas

Do you have a close friend who you know prefers a backpack over a handbag or shoulder bag? This type of bag fits so many items, even though it’s a little smaller. It has a zipper shoe compartment on the bottom and a large inside pocket for the rest of those gym must-haves. It comes in five different colors and is great for overnight travel as well!

Workout Clothes:

If you’re going to set up your gym bag fitness gift basket with the essentials, you’ll need to include something for your gift recipient to wear! I put together a few ideas below to help you get started finding the perfect outfit! Remember to keep your friend’s style in mind, you want them to be comfortable and excited to head to the gym!

Two-Piece Set with Pants

matching workout set

This set comes in 17 different colors and can easily have a t-shirt or tank thrown over it for extra comfort!

Two-Piece Set, Long Sleeve Top with Shorts

long sleeve shirt and shorts workout set

This is a cute set for ladies who love cropped tops and yoga pants! It comes in 13 different colors too!


joggers: fitness gift basket ideas

For those women who like a loose fit or something a little more modest, joggers are a great choice! These come in 13 different colors!

Loose Fit Tank

loose fit tank

These come in a set of two with 11 different color combos to choose from. These light and flowy tanks are perfect for pairing with any bottom and great for mixing and matching!

Long sleeve workout shirt

long sleeve workout shirt

This is great for layering in those transitional seasons or wearing on its own in winter months. This is also a sun shirt so it’s great for outdoor activities!

Workout Undergarments and Outfit Accessories:

Now it’s time to throw in some outfit accessories and undergarments! I love adding these small items because they really fill up the bag/basket!

Sports bra

strapy sports bra

This sports bra is strappy and cute but supportive and comes in 35 different colors.

Ankle socks

athletic socks

This set of 5 comfy ankle socks comes in 11 color combos.

Crew training socks

nike socks: fitness gift basket ideas

These come in a set of three and have a little snug arch support for extra comfort.

Slouchy socks

slouchy socks

These cute slouchy socks come in a pack of three and 5 different color combos.

No show bikini-cut underwear

no show underwear

This set of 5 come in 13 different color options.

No show thong underwear

no show thong underwear

These come in a six pack with nine different color combination options.

Gym Shower and Hygiene Items:

Not everyone showers at the gym, but if they do, there are some essential items they’ll need in their gym bag. If they don’t, there are some other items that will come in handy.

Shower sandals

gym shower sandals: fitness gift basket ideas

These are a must-have for any public shower! These come in 11 different colors and they’re anti-slip!

Shower towel

gym towel

At most gyms, you’ll have to bring your own towel for the shower. This towel is compact and quick drying!

Mesh hanging shower caddy

hanging gym shower caddy

These are really helpful in gym showers! They can be hung from the curtain rod or the shower door so your shower items don’t have to be set down on the floor.

Gym hygiene kit:

hygiene kit

If you want to fill the shower caddy in your gift basket, a hygiene kit full of travel-size items like this is perfect!


chapstick pack

Chapstick is a must-have for me (maybe it’s just me) and I hate it when I go to the gym and realize I’ve forgotten it. It’s great to always have a few tubs in your backpack or gym bag.

Hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer: fitness gift basket ideas

Gyms usually have hand sanitizer available, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked to the hand sanitizer and found it empty or malfunctioning. This is a handy thing to have with you at the gym!

Other Gym Nice-to-Haves:

I say nice to have because you don’t need any of these things to get fit, but if you want to add a little something extra to your gift basket/bag, these are good options!

Ear buds:

Some people don’t care about headphones and music at the gym or when they’re working out in general, but for a lot of people, it’s a must-have.

On ear headphones

on ear headphones: fitness gift basket ideas

Wireless earbuds

ear buds

Wired earbuds

wired ear buds

Reusable water bottle:

A water bottle that can be kept in their gym bag and filled up at the gym will be super helpful because it’s so easy to forget to bring water with you.

Fast flow water bottle

purple water bottle

Straw lid water bottle

straw lid water bottle

Squeeze water bottle

squeeze water bottle: fitness gift basket ideas

Blender bottle:

For that pre-workout on the way to the gym or a recovery shake on the way out!

20 oz blender bottle set

shaker bottle set

28 oz blender bottle

28 oz shaker bottle: fitness gift basket ideas

18 oz blender bottle

18oz green shaker bottle

Fitness Journal

If your gift recipient is the type to enjoy tracking their progress, a fitness journal can be very helpful and motivating.

Fitness planner

fitness planner

Workout journal

workout journal

Fitness & food journal

fitness and food journal

Fitness tracker

For those who don’t like to write everything down, these trackers are useful for the basic metrics of a workout and to help you make sure you get enough steps in each day.

Apple watch

apple watch

Samsung watch

samsung watch



Gift Cards

A gift card or gift certificate is the perfect addition to a wellness gift basket for fitness enthusiasts!

  • Class packages
  • Personal training membership or sessions
  • Massage sessions
  • Chiropractic sessions
  • Spa day at a local spa
  • Stretch sessions

Personalize it

When I talk about more personal items for this gift bag, I mean items that fit the type of workout style your gift bag recipient likes. If they do a little bit of everything, include a little something from each category!


There are a few items that yogis can benefit from having! These items are perfect for adding to a yoga specific fitness gift basket.

Non slip yoga mat

non slip yoga mat

Cork yoga mat

cork yoga mat

Yoga mat carrier

yoga mat strap: fitness gift basket ideas

Yoga blocks

yoga blocks

Hot yoga towel

hot yoga towel

Eye pillow

yoga eye pillow

Yoga socks

yoga socks

Stretching strap

yoga stretch strap

Strength training:

Resistance bands

resistance bands

Wrist wraps for power lifting

weight lifting wrist wraps: fitness gift basket ideas

Weight lifting gloves

weight lifting gloves


Running log book

running log book

Sweat towel

sweat towels

Recovery Gifts

Recovery is so important when it comes to improving your health and making progress with your fitness. Consider including some recovery tools in your gift box/bag/basket!

Foam roller

foam roller: fitness gift basket ideas

Cryotherapy ball

cryotherapy ball

Massage gun

massage gun

Putting the Basket/Bag Together

When you’re choosing your gift items from these fitness gift basket ideas and putting the basket together for that special occasion, it’s a good idea to get a couple of larger items that will take up more space and then fill in the bag/basket with smaller items around the large items. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it will all need to fit, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping for your healthy gift basket. You can always use a larger bag, but you want to make sure you’re getting them a bag that they’ll want to use in order to make it the ideal gift. So, bigger might not be the great idea it seemed when you were putting everything in the bag.

Make sure to have a variety of items not just in size, but in cost too. You’ll want to have numerous items at smaller dollar amounts to fill in the bag, kind of like stocky stuffers. The idea is to make the bag full and exciting without making it outrageously expensive (unless that’s what you’re going for). Toiletry and hygiene items and healthy foods like energy bars make an excellent choice for a fitness lover and a good way to fill in some space without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking for a fitness gift idea, gift baskets/bags make the best gifts! You can fill them with different things, depending on the recipient’s preferences and needs so they make the perfect fitness gifts. Gym lovers will love these healthy gifts and they probably won’t get anything like this from anyone else, or at least not many people. Don’t forget to personalize it, because the best fitness gifts are the gifts that the recipient will actually use. I hope these fitness gift basket ideas help you make the best gift basket you’ve ever given! Happy gifting!

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