Healthy Weight Loss Small Group Coaching

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A healthy approach to weight loss?
Does this actually work? 

Yes, it does!

As a holistic nutritionist, I don’t want anyone focusing on weight loss over whole health. But the truth of the matter is, weight loss is a really important factor in health and it’s on a lot of people’s minds day in and day out.

Weight loss is a big deal in America! A new study in 2020 found that 51% of Americans want to lose weight by exercising and changing their diets. That’s great! My concern is that there is no shortage of diet trends and unhealthy, unsafe, and unhelpful approaches to that.

With that in mind, I created this small group coaching program to focus on healthy weight loss and learning how to nourish instead of punish your body into losing weight.

Why choose group coaching? 

    • Studies show that because group coaching adds an element of community and extra support and accountability, clients tend to be more successful in persevering toward their goals
    • Group coaching can be more affordable than private coaching for some people
    • The social proof that group participants experience is a powerful motivator for change
    • Some people may find a group setting less invasive or intimidating than one-on-one coaching
    • Many people enjoy the peer learning process, where you can learn from the insights and contributions of your fellow participants. The collective wisdom of the group is a key benefit! Talking through ideas and concerns with people can be extremely helpful in helping you see a bigger picture or different perspective for your health and overall wellness. 

    This is an online 4-week group coaching program that doesn’t actually guarantee weight loss in that four-week period.

    You read that right, I’m here to sell you on the idea that you should take part in a 4-week program that probably won’t give you your desired results in a short amount of time! Hear me out…

    If you’re tired of trying every new diet/exercise program, hoping to one day find the answer, this is for you…because it’s the real answer!

    Understanding nutrition on a basic level, knowing what your body actually needs to be healthy, and understanding how to implement that knowledge in your life will lead to your healthy weight, naturally. THAT is how to lose weight and keep it off. The natural way! 

    This program will build the foundation for sustained changes that you’ll be able to go forward and implement in your life for weight loss and maintenance long-term.

    health coaching johnson city tennessee


    • Understanding how to eat for balanced moods and energy – knowing what you actually need nutritionally
    • Feeling empowered to make the best decisions for your changing physical needs (energy, health, weight loss and/or maintenance)
    • Confident that you’re eating the best foods for your long and short-term nutrition goals
    • Armed with behavior change tactics that are psychologically based and proven
    • Understanding how to have a better relationship with food/yourself, no more labeling foods “good” or “bad”
    • Understanding the basic framework of how to eat for long-term health/healthy weight without plans or rules
    • Understanding emotional eating and how to handle it
    • Knowing how to make healthy choices fit into your life instead of turning your life upside down to get healthy
    • Prepared to create systems specific to you and your unique needs and preferences
    • Understanding how to listen to your body and nourish yourself instead of punishing yourself into weight loss


    This 4-week small group coaching program will run monthly and be limited in size.

    It will include:

    • A Facebook group community with daily interaction
    • Tons of resources!
    • Weekly live group coaching via Zoom meeting on Thursdays at 7 PM EST (recordings will be available if you can’t make every meeting)
    • Weekly lessons (self-paced) + specific assignments
    • Unlimited access to me for questions/concerns in FB messenger for the 4 week period
    • + MORE

    I will be available via FB messenger to anyone in the group who needs to speak privately during the program.

    Enrollment for the Healthy Weight Loss Group Coaching Program will open 3 weeks prior to the start date for my email list (sign up here) and 2 weeks prior for everyone else.

    Enrollment will be first come first serve. Once the group is full for the month, I will add a waitlist button to this page for the following month. The waitlist will be given the option to sign up for the next month before anyone else.

    Bring a friend along with you! Dual sign ups (you and a friend) will receive 10% off for each person! Email me at heather@renewwellnesscoaching to get this deal before you enroll!

    Are you ready to set yourself up for a happier and healthier weight loss journey? Sign up below!


    Early enrollment begins 4/11 for my waitlist and email list. Sign up for my email list here or email me at to get on the waitlist.