Are you looking for delicious and healthy plant based air fryer recipes? I absolutely love my air fryer and I make 98% of my food in it. If you’ve been following me you might already know that I don’t follow a lot of recipes, so I don’t really have any to share with you all. That’s why I decided to do a roundup post of some amazing healthy plant-based air fryer recipes from some true recipe bloggers.

I love food, sharing about healthy food choices, and making sure that all my readers know that you can absolutely enjoy your healthy food choices. You just have to find what works for you! I especially love encouraging simple ways to make good food, like air frying! Air frying has been my favorite method of cooking for a long time because of how easy and convenient it is. It’s great for making perfectly crispy foods in a hurry! If you aren’t a big fan of cooking (like me), then you’ll love the ease of air fryer recipes.

This recipe roundup includes a variety of plant based recipes that look amazing, full of flavor, and easy to make. So, get ready to be inspired by all the tasty and creative plant-based food you can make in your air fryer!

Plant Based Air Fryer Recipes

1. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings from Seasons and Thyme

For a delicious meatless alternative to buffalo wings, try air fryer Buffalo Cauliflower wings. They’re drenched in a zesty buttermilk batter, cooked to crispiness in the air fryer, and then generously coated in spicy buffalo sauce. Enjoy with a side of vegan blue cheese dressing or ranch to complete the wing night experience.

2. Acorn Squash with Maple Syrup and Hazelnuts from Cook at Home Mom

This Acorn Squash dish, cooked up in an air fryer, will fill your taste buds with excitement! Marvel at the scrumptious blend of rich ghee, syrupy maple syrup, and nutty hazelnuts. Perfect for those on a Vegetarian, Paleo, or Gluten-free diet, this side dish is perfect for spicing up any special occasion or simply enjoying a comforting meal.

3. Radishes with Garlic and Herbs from Finding Zest

Roasted radishes in the air fryer are a great way to get your potato fix without all the carbs! To make them, simply season radishes with fresh herbs, garlic, and your favorite spices. Pop them in the air fryer and they‘ll be ready in 15 minutes or less. For a more subtle flavor, use dried herbs and still get the same delicious results. Enjoy!

4. Shishito Peppers with Sesame Citrus Sauce from Delicious by Design

Prepare a flavorful appetizer in no time at all with blistered shishito peppers! Simply toss them in a citrus sesame sauce and give it a sprinkle of salt. Pop them in the air fryer and have a delicious dish ready in under 10 minutes.

5. Butternut Squash Fries from The Perfect Tide

Butternut Squash Fries make for a nutritious substitution for classic fries. If you make them in your air fryer, they will come out crunchy externally and soft internally. And most notably, they will sustain the flavor of the Garlic and Sage Aioli featured in this dish!

6. Zuchinni from Cook at Home Mom

If you’re looking for a tasty and easy side dish, this Air Fryer Zucchini and Onions recipe is for you! With just Italian seasoning and a fraction of the oil you’d usually use, you’ll serve up a mouth-watering meal in no time – no breading required! Plus, the air fryer lightly fries the zucchini to perfection, creating an out-of-this-world flavor!

7. Diced Potatoes From Pure & Simple Nourishment

These delicious and easy-to-make air fryer diced potatoes will have your mouth watering! With only a handful of pantry staples, like Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and oil, they are cooked to a perfectly crispy finish in just 25 minutes. The flavour is unbeatable and they make the perfect addition to any health-conscious dinner.

8. Potatoes and Onions from Cook Eat Live Love

If you’re searching for a straightforward preparation method for potatoes to accompany meals, why not give this air fryer potatoes and onions recipe a try? Pototoes are a typical fried food that is made so much healthier in the air fryer! These potatoes come out with a delightfully crunchy outside and a soft, fluffy inside, earning rave reviews from everyone at the dinner table!

9. Crispy Tofu from Cook Eat Live Love

Creating crispy tofu in an air fryer is an effortless task with just a few everyday ingredients. Give it a marinade to give it extra flavor, then fry it in a coating of cornmeal for a delightful crunch and a golden brown finish. You can enjoy this delicious dish in a variety of meals such as tacos, burritos, bowls, and more!

10. Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Midwexican

This recipe ensures an exquisite result of roasted sweet potatoes that will melt on your tongue. An ideal blend of chili powder, paprika, and salt deliver a savory and mild kick of pepper flavor that’ll complement the sweetness of the potatoes.

11. Buffalo Tofu Nuggets from The Urben Life

Vegan buffalo tofu nuggets are a delicious and easy to make dish that will tantalize your taste buds. Their flavor has just the right amount of kick to it, and they can be cooked in an air fryer or baked in an oven- the choice is yours! Once you try them out, you’ll be sure to include them in your regular meal prepping routine. Crispy and crunchy, these vegan buffalo nuggets won’t disappoint!

12. Air Fryer Apples from Food Sharing Vegan

Enjoy a delicious treat in just 20 minutes with air fryer apple slices! These delectable slices combine a sweet and decadent cinnamon-maple-brown sugar glaze with your favorite type of apple, making a low-effort snack or dessert that tastes just like a rich apple pie filling. All it takes is 6 easy ingredients and you’ll have a delicious, tender, and sweet treat – no need to hover over a stovetop making it a quick and effortless perfect snack.

13. Tostones from Strength and Sunshine

Want a delicious, nutritious side dish or appetizer ready in 15 minutes? Air Fryer Tostones are your best bet! No added oil is needed to create this classic twicefried Latin American and Caribbean dish made with green plantains. The plantains are air fried, smashed, and air fried again, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Not only is this salty snack glutenfree, vegan, and paleo, but it is also healthy and delicious!

14. Toasted Coconut French Toast from Strength and Sunshine

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy breakfast, try making Air Fryer Toasted Coconut French Toast! This oil-free, gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-free recipe is quick and easy to make with only four ingredients. The result is a delicious, crispy French toast without any soggy bread. Give it a try and you’ll love it!

15. Falafel from Strength and Sunshine

This quick and simple Air Fryer Falafel recipe is an ideal gluten-free, vegan, grain-free, and allergy-free dish! There is no need for oil or deep frying; these falafel are light and crispy! All you need is canned chickpeas and chickpea flour to make them, and they are the perfect way to add flavor to a gluten-free pita, lunch, appetizer, or dinner! Plus, instructions for freezing and baking are included!

16. Crispy Air Fryer Tofu from Food Sharing Vegan

Preparing tofu can be tricky, so this air fryer tofu recipe makes it easier than ever! This crispy, golden tofu comes out hot and flavored to perfection in just fifteen minutes, and the result is practically the same as if it had been deep-fried but with much less oil. Even if you’re new to cooking with tofu, you can achieve perfect results with minimal effort, so give it a try!

17. Spring Rolls from Clean Eating Kitchen

These Air Fryer Spring Rolls are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Made from scratch and vegetarian, they also happen to be gluten-free thanks to their rice paper wrappers. Filled with nutritious shredded veggies, these light and crispy snacks are an infinitely healthier way to enjoy an egg roll, without having to deep-fry. Enjoy this delicious appetizer on its own or serve it up as part of a larger spread.

18. Asparagus from The Oregon Dietician

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty way to prepare asparagus, look no further! Air fryer asparagus is the solution – it only takes 6 minutes and turns out crispy and full of flavor each and every time. It’s a breeze to make and is definitely worth the effort – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

19. Tofu Nuggets from Easy Chickpeasy

These delectable air fryer tofu nuggets make for a delicious plant-based alternative to the traditional chicken nugget. Their crunchy coating, satisfying texture, and savory flavor have an undeniable appeal, making them a hit among both tofu enthusiasts and those a bit more hesitant about it.

20. Parsnips from Easy Chickpeasy

If you’re looking for a simple side, a nutritious snack, or a lighter version of French fries, these fast and easy air fryer parsnips are perfect! This air fryer parsnip recipe can meet all of your needs.

21. Cauliflower Steaks from Unique Cooks

Love cooking but don’t have time? With the help of an air fryer, you can easily make tasty and filling cauliflower steaks! All it takes is a few minutes and some pantry staples for this vegan, low carb, gluten free dish. Even for those who aren’t a fan of cauliflower, you’ll be surprised at its deliciousness from this quick and simple recipe.

22. Squash and Zucchini from Unique Cooks

If you’re hosting a house party, whip up this quick and easy Air Fryer squash and zucchini recipe! Guests will love the lightly seasoned crunchy exterior, and the plentiful flavor of these summer vegetables. This dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and the perfect side dish at any event.

23. Baby Carrots from Flavours Treat

Making air fryer baby carrots is simple and requires only a few commonly-used ingredients. This vegan, gluten-free snack or side dish is sweet and delicately seasoned, making it the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

24. Baby Potatoes from Flavours Treat

The deep fryer used to be the only way you could get crispy potatoes like the air fryer produces today! It’s the best! Prepare this delicious vegan, gluten-free and nut-free air fryer baby potatoes side dish in just 30 minutes! All you need is a handful of ingredients and you’ll have a scrumptious side ready to accompany any main meal. Easy to make and satisfying to eat, your dinner guests will love this delightful dish!

25. Chickpeas from Planted in the Kitchen

Making these crispy air fryer chickpeas is super simple and requires only 10 minutes of your time. If you don’t have an air fryer, don’t worry, you can also make oven roasted chickpeas. These are great for snacks or used as salad or buddha bowl toppers!

26. Banana Bread Cookies from Box Mix Recipes

These delicious vegan air fryer brown sugar banana bread cookies with an apple oat crumble and a box cake mix are the best thing you’ll make in the air fryer! They’re a perfect warm and cozy sweet treat! This blissful combination of banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, apples, and oats, make it a great vegan breakfast or Fall dessert. If you’re a fan of these yummy flavors, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you can whip up this delicious masterpiece in your trusty air fryer!

27. Brussel Sprouts from Joy Filled Eats

Are you in search of an easy side dish that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy? These air fryer frozen brussels sprouts could be the solution! All it takes is two simple ingredients and under 15 minutes of cooking time in order to prepare these crispy, yet tender sprouts. Plus, this recipe is certified gluten-free, keto, paleo, whole30, and low carb- ideal for nearly any diet! You can use this recipe for other veggies too, try green beans or asparagus.

28. Roasted Red Peppers from The Default Cook

Roasting red bell peppers is an easy way to make a tasty side dish, salad topping, or sandwich filling with big flavor. They can also be blended into soup or pasta sauce for extra flavor. Not only are roasted red bell peppers delicious, but they are also packed with nutrients and make for a healthy option for any meal.

29. Broccoli from Couple in the Kitchen

If you want to experience a delicious air fryer broccoli recipe, why not make the air fryer version? We used to only go for the classic roasted broccolini, but after trying it in an air fryer, we found that it was a game-changer! The air fryer lets you find that perfect texture you won’t get with oven roasting – with a nice char that goes alongside a crisper feel. So, when you think of broccolini, make sure to go with the air fryer version; it truly is the best of both worlds.

30. Italian Roasted Tomatoes from The Default Cook

Roasting tomatoes in an air fryer is a great way to boost their flavor and sweetness, and is an excellent use for tomatoes that have gone a bit soft but are still good to eat. These roast tomatoes add a great healthy side-dish to any meal, or you can use them in your pasta dishes, pizza toppings, and soups or stews. They are also a delicious foundation for creating a delicious homemade tomato soup or pasta sauce. Plus, I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys tomatoes for a salad that never ends up being made!


There are so many different healthy and delicious foods you can make in the air fryer! I suggest you start with this list and keep expanding! Almost anything you eat can be cooked or reheated in the air fyer quickly and conveniently. Next time you’re craving french fries, ditch the deep fried options and make air fryer french fries! If you want potato chips, ditch the store bought and make your own with healthy recipes for the air fryer! There are so many easy recipes that will make healthy choices a no brainer! So keep exploring beyond this list and I hope you enjoy everything you find!