Are you searching for the perfect gift for a health-conscious friend or family member? Look no further than the best kitchen gadget gifts that are not only practical but also promote healthy eating and cooking habits. From spiralizers to air fryers, these gifts will elevate their healthy cooking game and inspire wellness in the kitchen. So why not give the gift of health this holiday season? Keep reading for our top picks of kitchen gadgets that are sure to delight any healthy food lover.

Why Kitchen Gadgets are Ideal Gifts for Healthy Eaters

Kitchen gadgets make ideal gifts for healthy eaters for several reasons.


Many kitchen gadgets are designed to simplify the cooking process and make it easier to incorporate healthy ingredients into meals. From blenders for making smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables to steamers for cooking nutrient-rich veggies, these gadgets encourage healthy eating habits.


Kitchen Gadgets often come with recipe books or online resources that provide ideas for delicious and healthy meals. By experimenting with different ingredients and techniques, healthy eaters can expand their culinary horizons and discover new flavors and textures.


Kitchen gadgets can save time and effort in the kitchen. With busy lifestyles, it’s not always easy to dedicate a lot of time to meal preparation. But with the right kitchen gadget, healthy meals can be made quickly and easily. This makes it more likely that healthy eaters will stick to their diet and lifestyle goals.

55 Best Kitchen Gadget Gifts

1. Spiralizer

electric spiralizer

Turn your favorite veggies into guilt-free noodles with this gadget. Zucchinis, carrots, and sweet potatoes transform into delicious ribbons for a low-carb pasta alternative. Even if you want to use regular pasta, mixing it up with veggies is a fun way to serve your meal.

Get this electric spiralizer here.

2. NutriBullet

nutribullet - best kitchen gadget gifts

Blend your way to health with the NutriBullet. This powerhouse of a blender makes whipping up nutrient-packed smoothies a breeze. It’s perfect for anyone on a mission to increase their fruit and veggie intake and it’s the perfect size so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Get this NutriBullet blender here.

3. Salad Spinner

salad spinner

Say goodbye to soggy salads! A salad spinner makes washing and drying greens a quick and efficient process. Crispy, fresh salads in no time. This is a fun gift with a low price point if you’re looking for useful gifts that won’t break the bank.

Get this salad spinner here.

4. Avocado Slicer

avocado slicer

This handy gadget effortlessly pits, slices, and scoops out avocados. No more struggling with a knife – make your avocado toast prep a piece of cake. You can make a great gift basket out of handy kitchen utensils!

Get this avocado slicer here.

5. Digital Food Scale

digital food scale - best kitchen gadget gifts

Keep your healthy eating on track with a digital food scale. Perfect for measuring ingredients and controlling portion sizes for mindful eating.

Get this food scale here.

6. Vegetable Steamer Basket

vegetable steamer basket

Lock in nutrients by steaming your veggies to perfection. This basket expands to fit various pot sizes, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Get this vegetable steamer basket here.

7. Herb Scissors

herb scissors - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Easily chop up fresh herbs like a pro with herb scissors. They’re a game-changer for adding flavor without the need for excessive salt or oil.

Get these herb scissors here.

8. Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

reusable food storage bags

Ditch single-use plastic and go green with reusable silicone food bags. Perfect for storing pre-cut veggies, fruits, and snacks on the go.

Get these reusable food storage bags here.

9. Ninja Air Fryer

ninja air fryer- the best kitchen gadget gifts

Enjoy your favorite fried foods with a fraction of the calories. An air fryer uses hot air circulation to cook crispy delights with minimal oil. This specific air fryer is the one I have and it was a housewarming gift from my mother-in-law. We love that it saves tons of counter space because you can flip it up when it’s not in use.

Get this Ninja Foodie air fryer here.

10. Mandoline Slicer

mandoline slicer

Achieve uniform slices of fruits and veggies effortlessly. A mandoline slicer speeds up food prep and ensures even cooking.

Get this mandoline slicer here. 

11. Citrus Juicer

citrus juicer - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Start your day right with a burst of citrus. A manual citrus juicer extracts every drop, giving you the pure, fresh taste of your favorite fruits.

Get this citrus juicer here.

12. Instant Pot

instant pot

This versatile kitchen gadget is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and more. It’s a time-saving superhero for healthy and flavorful meals.

Get this Instant Pot here.

13. Nut Milk Bag

nut milk bag

For those venturing into homemade nut milk or cold brew coffee, a nut milk bag is a must. It strains out pulp, leaving you with silky-smooth beverages.

Get this nut milk bag here.

14. Yogurt Maker

yogurt maker

Create your own yogurt at home, ensuring it’s free from additives and loaded with gut-friendly probiotics. A yogurt maker makes the process foolproof.

Get this yogurt maker here.

15. Digital Meat Thermometer

digital meat thermometer - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Take the guesswork out of cooking meat with a digital thermometer. It ensures your proteins are cooked to perfection, keeping your meals both safe and delicious.

Get this digital meat thermometer here.

16. Bento Box

bento box

Pack your healthy lunches in style with a bento box. Multiple compartments make it easy to create a balanced and visually appealing meal.

Get this bento box here.

17. Reusable Produce Bags

reusable produce bags

Cut down on plastic waste by bringing your own reusable produce bags to the grocery store. They’re lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly.

Get these reusable produce bags here.

18. Water Infuser Pitcher

fruit infuser water pitcher

Make staying hydrated exciting by infusing your water with fruits and herbs. This pitcher adds a burst of flavor without added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Get this fruit infuser water pitcher here.

19. Food Dehydrator

food dehydrator - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Create your own healthy snacks like dried fruits, veggies, and jerky with a food dehydrator. It’s a great way to preserve nutrients and reduce food waste.

Get this food dehydrator here.

20. Kitchen Compost Bin

kitchen compost bin

Turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. A stylish compost bin makes eco-friendly living easy and odor-free.

Get this kitchen compost bin here. 

21. Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

salt and pepper shaker - the best kitchen gadget gifts

These stainless steel salt and pepper shakers are just a nice touch to the kitchen decor and they’re refillable so they will last a long time.

Get these salt and pepper shakers here.

22. Pineapple Corer

pineapple corer

This definitely isn’t a need, but this is a really cool gadget to have around that someone might not buy for themselves. I think the best kitchen gifts, or gifts in general, are the ones that people would like to have but don’t see the need in spending the money on it.

Get this pineapple corer here.

23. Non-Stick Grill Pan

grill pan

Enjoy the taste of grilled goodness without firing up the barbecue. A non-stick grill pan is perfect for lean proteins and grilled veggies any time of the year.

Get this non-stick grill pan here.

24. Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Rice cookers are such a handy small kitchen appliance! If your gift recipient likes to eat rice, they need a rice cooker! It’s a game changer when it comes to effort and even the time it takes to make rice.

Get the rice cooker here. 

25. Indoor Countertop Grill

indoor countertop grill

​For people who love grilled food, this thing is great for winter when you don’t want to be spending time outside cooking!

Get this indoor countertop grill here.

26. Smart Water Bottle

smart water bottle - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Stay on top of your hydration game with a smart water bottle. It syncs with your phone to remind you to drink water regularly throughout the day.

Get this smart water bottle here.

27. Dutch Oven

dutch oven

Dutch ovens are a fantastic gift for your favorite chef or food lover! When it comes to useful gadgets, a Dutch oven with put a smile on any cooking enthusiasts’ face!

Get this Dutch oven here.

28. Reusable Coffee Filter

reusable coffee filter

For the coffee enthusiasts, a reusable coffee filter reduces waste and ensures a fresh cup every morning. Pair it with a bag of your favorite organic beans for a thoughtful gift.

Get this reusable coffee filter here.

29. Collapsible Salad Bowl

collapsible salad bowl

Enjoy salads anywhere with a collapsible salad bowl. It’s perfect for bringing your homemade salads to work, picnics, or wherever life takes you.

Get this collapsible salad bowl here.

30. Vegetable Brush

vegetable brush - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Give your veggies a thorough clean with a vegetable brush. It’s a simple yet effective tool for removing dirt and pesticides from your produce.

Get this vegetable brush here.

31. Quinoa Rinse and Colander Bowl

grain collander

Rinse and drain quinoa effortlessly with a specially designed bowl. It ensures perfectly cooked and grit-free quinoa for your salads and bowls.

Get this grain colander here.

32. Glass Food Storage Containers

glass food storage

Upgrade your food storage with glass containers. They’re durable, microwave-safe, and perfect for storing leftovers without worrying about harmful chemicals.

Get these glass food containers here.

33. Sous Vide Machine

sous vide machine

This nifty gadget takes the guesswork out of cooking, letting you nail that perfect doneness. Whether your friend is into steak, salmon, or veggies, this thing’s a kitchen wizard that turns home cooks into gourmet chefs without breaking a sweat.

Get this sous vide machine here.

34. Ceramic Knife Set

ceramic knives

Say goodbye to dull knives with a set of ceramic knives. They stay sharp longer, making chopping fruits and veggies a breeze.

Get these ceramic knives set.

35. Collapsible Colander

collapsible colander - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Maximize your kitchen space with a collapsible colander. It’s perfect for draining pasta, and washing fruits, and can be easily stored when not in use.

Get these collapsible colanders here.

36. Yonanas Vegan Soft Serve Dessert Maker

vegan soft serve maker

​Vegan soft serve is a true delight in a world where clean foods are hard to come by! With this tool, you can make homemade ice cream anytime you want!

Get this vegan soft serve maker here.

37. Bamboo Cutting Board Set

bamboo cutting board set

Upgrade your cutting board game with a set of bamboo cutting boards. They are eco-friendly, durable, and add a touch of natural elegance to your kitchen.

Get this bamboo cutting board set here.

38. On-the-Go Salad Container

on the go salad container

Keep your salads fresh until lunchtime with a portable salad container. It features separate compartments to prevent sogginess.

Get this on-the-go salad container here.

39. Garlic Press

garlic press

Add garlic to your dishes without the hassle of chopping. A garlic press is a time-saving gadget for garlic lovers.

Get this garlic press here.

40. Tea Infuser

tea infuser - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Enjoy a cup of your favorite loose-leaf tea with a stylish tea infuser. It’s a must-have for tea enthusiasts who appreciate the full flavor of loose leaves.

Get this tea infuser here.

41. Non-Stick Baking Mats

non stick baking mat

Bake without the need for excessive oils or sprays with non-stick baking mats. They make cleanup a breeze and promote healthier cooking.

Get these non-stick baking mats here.

42. Produce Storage Containers

produce storage containers

Keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer with produce storage containers. These containers are designed to regulate airflow and humidity, extending the life of your produce.

Get these produce storage containers here.

43. Herb Keeper

herb keeper - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Preserve the freshness of your herbs with an herb keeper. It’s a simple yet effective way to reduce food waste.

Get this herb keeper here.

44. Measuring Spoon and Cup Set

measuring spoons and cups

Ensure precision in your recipes with a quality measuring spoon and cup set. It’s a fundamental tool for anyone serious about healthy cooking.

Get these measuring cups and spoons here.

45. Kitchen Timer

kitchen timer - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Never overcook or undercook your meals again with a reliable kitchen timer. It’s a small gadget that makes a big difference in the kitchen.

Get this kitchen timer here.

46. KitchenAid Mixer

kitchenaid mixer

If you have a baker on your Christmas list, this kitchen counter mixer is a must! Of all the small appliances, if they enjoy baking, they’ll love this one the most.

Get this KitchenAid Mixer here

47. Immersion Blender

immersion blender

I love my immersion blender! My sister-in-law bought it for me for Christmas one year and I honestly thought I would never use it. I was so wrong! I have used it as a milk frother, for for blending soups, drinks, mashing potatoes, and more. I’m always finding a new use for it.

Get this immersion blender here.

48. Vacuum Sealer Machine

vacuum sealer machine

This is a great gift for someone who loves to meal prep, can, or freeze. If they like to store food for later, this will be one of their favorite kitchen gadgets!

Get this vacuum sealer machine here.

49. Microwave Popcorn Popper

microwave popcorn maker - best kitchen gadget gifts

This microwave popcorn popper makes it easy to pop fresh popcorn without all the added butter and salt. This is a great option for people who like to eat healthier.

Get the microwave popcorn maker here.

50. Sushi Making Kit

sushi maker kit - the best kitchen gadget gifts

Sushi fans will love this cool kit! This is one of those kitchen gift ideas that your gift recipient will have fun with and be able to do a lot of experimenting with their food!

Get this sushi mkaing kit here.

51. Water Bottle Organizer

water bottle organizer - best kitchen gadget gifts

I love the idea of this water bottle organizer! This is on my wish list because I have a cabinet full of water bottles that aren’t easy to organize! If your gift recipient is a big water drinker, they probably have a collection of water bottles that need organizing!

Get this water bottle organizer here.

52. Microwave Cover for Food With Steamer

microwave food cover with steamer

Eating at home is one of the best ways to keep food healthy and that usually means eating a lot of leftovers. The best thing about this microwave cover is that it includes a food steamer so food doesn’t get dried out when you reheat it.

Get this microwave food cover with a steamer here.

53. Spice Carousel

spice carousel - best kitchen gadget gifts

​Spice carousels are so handy and if your gift recipient doesn’t have one, this can make a great kitchen gift! It’s so handy to have your spices right by you when you’re cooking, instead of having to go digging for them in a drawer or cabinet.

Get this spice carousel here.

54. Rice and Dry Food Round Dispenser

rice dispenser

I love these rice dispensers! Not only are they so handy, but they’re also so cute! There’s something about making food storage pretty that makes me happier to be in the kitchen.

Get this rice dispenser here.

55. Spoon and Lid Rest

spoon and lid rest - best kitchen gadget gifts

This is great for easy storage of that spoon and pot lid while you’re cooking! It’s little gadgets like these that make cooking more enjoyable! A spoon rest is great, but add in a lid rest too, super convenient!

Get this spoon and lid rest here.

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