Looking for gifts for that friend or loved one you want to support through their weight loss journey? Why not spread love and health with some unique healthy weight loss gift ideas? These thoughtful presents not only show you care but also support your loved ones’ goals of achieving a healthier lifestyle. From fitness equipment to nutritious food baskets, there are plenty of options to choose from that will promote sustainable and positive weight loss. Say goodbye to the usual sugar-laden or dust-collecting gifts and hello to happier, healthier gifts with these healthy weight loss gift ideas.

Why Give Healthy Weight Loss Gifts?

Giving healthy weight loss gifts is a way to show your loved ones that you support their goals and want to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. These gifts go beyond the traditional presents and instead, provide practical tools and resources to assist in their weight loss journey. By giving healthy weight loss gifts, you are not only giving a thoughtful present but also encouraging positive habits and behaviors. It is a way to spread love and promote wellness, showing that you care about their well-being. So, why not give a gift that can truly make a difference in their life?

Weight Loss Gift Ideas

This gift guide can help you find the perfect gift idea or put together a whole basket of weight loss related gifts!

Practical Weight Loss Tools

Looking for practical weight loss tools to support your friend or family member’s healthy lifestyle goals? There are a plethora of helpful gadgets and tools that can make their weight loss journey easier and more effective. 


blender weight loss gift ideas

A blender is a gift that keeps on giving. My grandmother gave me a Ninja blender over 15 years ago and I’m still using it to this day! It’s been pivotal in my journey to living a healthier life!

Shaker cup

shaker bottle

If your gift recipient is a fan of protein shakes or pre-workout, they will love a new shaker cup. This ice shaker cup is a nice one!

Water bottle

stanley water bottle

Who doesn’t love a Stanley cup? This is one of those things your friend or loved one might not spend the money on for themselves but would love to have!

Weekly meal plan acrylic dry-erase menu board

menu board weight loss gift ideas

This magnetic menu board is perfect for sticking on the refrigerator and keeping you on track! It’s the perfect way to help your friend get organized and stay on track!

Fitness Trackers

Food Prep Tools

Food Scale

food scale

Kitchen scales can be helpful for those who don’t yet understand portion sizes and calories.

Meal prep containers

meal prep containers

These meal prep containers are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These are especially handy if your friend frequently has to take their food with them.

Snack prep containers

snack prep containers

I love these snack prep containers! When you don’t have healthy food prepared, you’ll reach or easier and more convenient options. These snack containers are great to have in the fridge at home or take to work with you.

Overnight oats containers

overnight oats containers weight loss gift ideas

Overnight oats are one of the healthiest and easiest breakfasts for weight loss. These overnight oat containers are the perfect size and they’re so cute and convenient!

Fruit prep storage containers

fruit prep containers

These are great for prepping your fruit and keeping it fresh longer in your fridge!

Glass salad to-go container

salad prep container

I love having at least one salad a day, it’s a great way to get in several servings of leafy greens daily! This salad to-go container is a great way to prep salads and have them at home or on the go anytime!

Vegetable chopper

vegetable chopper

Chopping vegetables can be a tedious job and sometimes we might avoid eating veggies to avoid having to prepare them! This vegetable chopper is a life saver!

Spice Sets

Gourmet world seasonings

gourmet world seasonings

Grilling spices

grilling seasonings

French seasonings

french seasonings - weight loss gift ideas

Grilling and vegetable spices

grilling and veggie spices

Fun Fitness Gear and Exercise Equipment

Elevate your loved ones’ fitness journey with some fun fitness gear and equipment! These gifts not only add excitement to their workouts but also provide them with the tools they need to stay motivated and achieve their weight loss goals. 

Gym bag

gym bag weight loss gift ideas

Gym bags are a great gift, even for someone who doesn’t need a lot of extras at the gym. I use one for a couple of resistance bands, headphones, my keys, gym shoes, and my water bottle. This is a really nice gym bag that’s not too big and not too small. It’s also a great gift for people who workout before work and need to bring a change of clothes and toiletries.

Resistance bands

resistance bands

A good set of resistance bands adds a whole other level to a workout routine! This type of exercise is low impact and very effective for strengthening. It’s also great for women who aren’t ready to tackle those free weights in the gym or need resistance equipment for their home gym.

Adjustable kettlebell

adjustable kettlebell weight loss gift ideas

I love this adjustable kettlebell for at-home workouts! This is a really great and affordable alternative to having all of these weights in separate kettlebells.

Stability ball

stability ball

This stability ball is awesome because it can also be used as a comfortable desk chair if you work from home.

Cordless jump rope

cordless jump rope

This cordless jump is perfect for throwing in your gym bag and using them in small spaces at the gym or they’re even better for using inside at home.

Non-slip yoga mat

yoga mat - weight loss gift ideas

A yoga mat is great for more than just yoga. They’re perfect for at home workouts or stretching too.

Home gym equipment storage rack

home gym equipment storage rack

This equipment rack is the perfect solution for storing home gym exercise equipment and is great for small spaces.

Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

Wireless headphones or earbuds are a must for me at the gym. They help you get in the zone and stay there!

Foam roller

foam roller

This foam roller set comes with all different sizes and shapes to get into all the places that are sore and need recovery.

Workout Clothing

Workout 5 pc set

workout set - weight loss gift ideas

This fun 5 piece set lets you mix and match pieces or wear them all at the same time!



What’s more comfortable for a winter workout than a good sweatsuit? This comfy set is perfect for an outdoor walk or to wear over your workout clothes on your way to a gym session in the cold weather.

Fun workout sayings shirt

workout saying shirt

Shirts with fun or motivating sayings are the perfect gift ideas for people getting into a new lifestyle!

Fun workout sayings hoodie

workout sayings hoodie

A warmer alternative to the tank top, this hoodie is perfect for the yoga lover in your life!

Mindfulness and Self-Care Gifts

In our busy lives, it’s important to prioritize mindfulness and self-care. Especially when you’re working on losing weight! So why not give the gift of relaxation and tranquility to your loved ones on their weight loss journey? 

Eucalyptus and lavender candle

eucalyptus lavender candle

​These candles are great for a relaxing bath or just for an overall calm around your house.

Essential oils

essential oils - weight loss gift ideas

Essential oils are great for relaxation and recovery, among many other things! This is a great starter kit for someone who is just getting in to using essential oils.

Luxurious bath set

bath set

This bath set is perfect for unwinding after a long day and a hard workout!

Foot massager

foot massager

I do a lot of walking and standing on my feet, as do most people who live active lifestyles. Between workouts and walking my dog twice a day, I love to keep this foot massager under my desk and slip my feet into it a few times a day.

Foot, calf, and leg compression massager

leg massager

This compression massager is an active person’s dream! Your friend will love you forever for this gift!

Hand massager

hand massager

Our hands are often neglected when it comes to recovery. You don’t realize how much you need a good hand massage until you get one and then your life is never the same! This hand massager will be a hit for sure!

Cozy blanket

cosy blanket - weight loss gift ideas

What better way to relax and unwind than with a cozy blanket to wrap up in?

Cozy robe

cozy robe

This warm, cozy robe is perfect for self care and relaxation!

Massage gift certificate

Give the gift of a professional massage (or more than one) with a massage gift card or gift certificate. This is one of my favorite gifts to receive because I never splurge on this purchase myself.

Motivational Books and Journals

Motivational books and journals can be incredibly powerful tools on a weight loss journey. They provide inspiration, guidance, and a place to reflect on progress. Consider gifting your loved ones books that focus on positive body image, mindfulness, and motivation. 

Plant Pure Nation Cookbook

plant pure nation cookbook

​A plant based cook book can be a really helpful tool for weight loss, since plants have the lowest caloric density of all foods. Plus a cookbook helps make plant foods more delicious for those who aren’t sure how to make them full of flavor!

How Not to Diet

how not to diet book

This is a great book by Dr. Greger, who focuses on how to improve your health and lose weight without dieting!

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart

21 day weight loss kickstart

Dr. Barnard explains how plants can kickstart your weight loss journey in this 21 day book that can be used as a challenge to get started or get over a weightloss plateau.

Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight

foods that cause you to lose weight book - weight loss gift ideas

Another one by Dr. Barnard, this book explains the power of plant foods to help you lose weight and regain your health!

Fitness journal

fitness journal

For the friend who wants to track their workouts and how they made them feel, this journal is perfectly simple!

Meal planner and fitness tracker

meal planner and fitness tracker

Some people find meal planning and workout tracking to be super helpful! This can be a big help for healthy weight loss progress!

12 Week weight loss tracker

weight loss tracker - weight loss gift ideas

A weight loss journal can be a helpful tool, but you should consider your friend’s personality before you give this gift. If they tend to get a little obsessive over goals, especially weight loss, I recommend avoiding this one. Just because healthy weight loss is important and it’s easy to get caught up in numbers that don’t actually define progress. Choose this one for the more laid back friend.

DIY Healthy Recipe Kits or Pre-Cooked Meals

Looking for a creative and practical way to support your loved one’s weight loss journey? Consider gifting them DIY healthy recipe kits and meal prep tools. These kits can provide them with the ingredients and instructions to create nutritious and delicious meals right at home. 

Pre-made and pre-portioned meal services

If your friend or loved one is struggling to get healthy meals made because of a busy time in their lives, this might be a really good gift idea to get them through that tough time. You can usually purchase the first box at a majorly discounted price. You could choose to just do one box or a few, then they can decide if they want to continue it. Below are some of the most popular options that offer healthy meals and have different options depending on dietary preferences like vegan, low calorie, gluten free, and more.

Personalized Coaching and Support Programs

If you really want to show your loved ones that you support their weight loss journey, the gift of personalized coaching and support programs is a great way. These programs offer invaluable guidance, motivation, and accountability, helping your loved ones stay on track and achieve their goals. 

Whether it’s a one-on-one coaching session with a certified personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, or a group support program, these gifts can make a significant impact on their weight loss success. By giving them the tools and support they need, you’re not only showing your love but also setting them up for long-term health and wellness.

A trial gym membership, or if you want to go really big a six month or one year membership, is another ideal gift for those who are really dedicated to their weight loss journey.


There are so many different healthy gifts you can give someone on a weight loss journey! Everything from new workout clothes to books and journals and workout equipment and accessories. Whatever you choose from this list or whatever ideas this list inspires for you, you’ll be helping your friend or loved one stay on track witj their healthy habits, and that’s an excellent gift! 

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